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Carolyn Baines (Director) Curriculum Developer & Quality Assurance  Manager


Welcome to the SPEC website

Our aim is to ensure students become motivated and re-engaged in their learning, and help them become independent learners equipped for life after school.  The SPEC programmes are written to provide a framework for personalised learning, with a focus on developing the key competencies. The programmes are NZQA approved for two New Zealand qualifications below, that have a focus on developing competencies, and provide the skills needed for work and/or further learning.

The ethos and principles of our programmes directly link to the New Zealand curriculum’s vision for Directions for Learning;  “Young people who will be confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners”.


   SPEC has NZQA programme approval for:

             with an Optional  Strand for Skills for Work

   Click on the leaflets below for more information about the NZQA approved SPEC programmes

    and pathways for the two new New Zealand Qualifications.

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What we offer

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SPEC is launching a new Reading Scheme this year, written and designed for students who been unsuccessful

In their ability to learn to read. The resources are suitable for any age of student and indeed an adult non

reader. The scheme provides a structured approach to word learning, sentence building and comprehension

exercises, with each reading book having an associated workbook.  

The reading books themselves have a sequential storyline leaving a ‘cliff hanger’ on the last page of each book,

so students are motivated to find out what happens next.  The first set of six books aims to teach the student a

100 sight words, learned through picture association.

The ‘starter’ packs include one reading book, one workbook, one set of A5 flash cards with the pictures and

associated words, and two sets of words, and two sets of picture cards, enabling a whole variety of games to

be played to ensure the words are learned thoroughly before the student actually gets to read the book.  

Click on each cover page to find out more.

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Reading Scheme


NEW Reading Scheme