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Carolyn Baines (Director) Curriculum Developer & Quality Assurance  Manager


Welcome to the SPEC website

Our aim is to ensure students become motivated and re-engaged in their learning, and help them become independent learners equipped for life after school.  The SPEC programmes are written to provide a framework that encourages a self-directed approach to learning with a focus on developing the key competencies. The programme provides differentiation allowing for inclusive education for all leading to New Zealand Qualifications.

The ethos and principles of our programmes directly link to the New Zealand curriculum’s vision for Directions for Learning;  “Young people who will be confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners”.

2016 HOT Press

The New Zealand Certificates in Foundation Skills Levels 1 & 2 have been approved and are now listed on  the framework.  SPEC has now applied for programme approval.

The New Zealand Certificate in Skills for Living for Supported Learners Level 1 has been approved and is NOW  listed on the framework.  We are delighted to announce that the SPEC programme was approved for the New Zealand Certificate in Skills for Living Level 1  on October 5th, 2015 - Click training for SPEC members

 NEW - Spek Reading Resources


A new Reading scheme addressing older students who have failed to learn to read.

Teachers report that students are ‘wanting to learn to read, picking up a book with enthusiasm for the first time, one commented that given the choice of TV or computer for ‘free time’ their son opted to get the next set of words and learn them so he could get onto the next reading book.

RTLB’s find this a very useful resource for their ‘tool kit’.

If you wish to find out more please contact

  TERM 3, 2016 National Training - SPEC courses and the new qualifications

  These days are for teachers who are new to SPEC.

   Book your place to find out about these exciting New Zealand qualifications

  The New Zealand Certificate in Skills For Living for Supported Learners (Level 1) is approved and listed

  The New Zealand Certificate in Foundation Skills (Level 1 & Level 2) are approved and have been listed

  You may chose to book in for one or both days.   A discount rate applies to delegates attending both days.

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What we do

Verification Procedures  NZQA link Australian Website


to Oaklynn Special School, the first special school

to have students complete the NZQA approved

Certificate in Learning Support Level 1.  Five students

successfully completed the TRUMP, ten Headway

Modules and the Ready for Work programme, an

AWESOME achievement.  Well done.

VERIFICATION TERM 2 - 2016 Universal ROL